The Zeniodorax Residence is a large building located in the south-east area of Lorejan City and it's well known for its innovative system for helping people who wish to study in one of the available guilds by providing them bed rooms and small tasks or jobs in order to gain some coin to pay the lesson fees. Since the structure have opened, many people from other big cities have come to study in Lorejan City.

How it works Edit

When an outsider comes to Lorejan City and decides to study in one of the Guilds and does not have enough coin to pay all the fees, the subject have to register his presence in the city by indicating the period of permanence and the guild he wishes to subscribe. After all the procedures have been approved and confirmed the student is able to access all lessons of that guild any time but only 2/3 of daily lessons, the rest of the time have to be dedicated in tasks or jobs assigned by Zeniodorax Residence in order to cover the price of the lessons at the guild. Edit