The Liorassya Forest is a place located in another dimension outside of the known world. The forest itself is populated by huge, tall trees and wonderful creatures. It is also a dangerous place if you go where shadow dominates. The forest is rich in plants never seen like the Blue Cascade Flower. Some of these plants have been brought and cultivated in the known world but with extreme difficulties.

Many people have spent a lot of time trying to reach the forest in different ways, failing at the task. The only known man to have succeeded is Gathaka, the great Wizard. The last time he have been seen is at the Castle of Whispvall leaving the place even more cursed than it was in the past. Others who have travelled to the Apon Forest are only known to have brought rare plants without leaving trace of any name.

The reason why so many have tried is simple. The Liorassya Forest is stuck in time. As the word Apon stands for Twilight, the time in the forest does not flow normally and it appears as stuck at the twilight that never ends. 

For those who enter the forest, the time of ageing stops, if instead someone is born there, the time flows but very slowly giving the average person a life span of seven times as in the normal world. This also explains why the place is full of gigantic trees that seems to never die.