Kuvinar is a large mountain, slightly detached from the wide chain of the Kuva mountains, in the continent of Pollerion, house to the city of [placeholder], a bastion of humanity protected by natural barriers, wildlife and fine engineering.

Kuvinar is known to host the ruins of an ancient temple, dedicated to a fire deity long forgotten. Lava courses through it's rocky veins and the unstable condition of the structures are a danger on itself, but that's not the reason why people avoid going there. That would be voices confirming the presence of some sort of madman hanging around there, nobody knows if this one lives there or just uses the place as some kind of laboratory or what else, but it is said that whoever gets there is usually not known to have ever come back.

Rumors even dare say that the madman in question may have some grade of familiar ties with some famous person in one of the greatest cities, but it's not known to who they refer to and until now, it's no more than gossip.